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You are taking a bold step in choosing to have a Sikh Destination Wedding. Typically, not everyone in the extended family will be on board and may have even questioned your intentions. What is the most common concern? “How can you find a Sikh Priest Destination Wedding officiant who can conduct a Sikh Wedding ceremony outside the Gurdwara with care, respect, and reverence?”  The answer is simple, “Yes you can, and there is a Sikh Priest just for you!”

For the past 20 years we have been offering our unique Sikh Priest, Destination Sikh Wedding Officiant services at hundreds of homes, Gurdwaras, and unique destinations around the globe. We are well aware of the fear, confusion, and conflict that has been created by a few to crush the dreams of thousands of sweet loving couples. Being a Sikh Wedding Priest, we realize your Sikh Wedding is a sacred and defining  moment in your life. Our goal is to unite couples, families, and all attendees in an interactive ceremony, sharing the power of universal energy and LOVE.

Coming from a unique perspective, as Indian Wedding Priest Sikh Celebrants, we  are familiar with the finer details required for the execution of a flawless Sikh Wedding ceremony. Since we have been offering our services extensively, we have built strong relationships with local decor companies, planners and vendors. We respectfully present all the mandatory Sikh Wedding traditions and customs at Destination Weddings.  We have taken a vow to conduct ceremonies with a deeply spiritual, personal, and heart-centered approach and message so the wedding couple can be well informed to overcome the trials and tribulations of marriage, and enjoy a healthy and meaningful union.

Your Sikh Priest Destination Wedding Specialist!

All couples have a fundamental right to receive blessings from their loved ones and to receive the wisdom and knowledge of the sacred teachings in the Sikh Scriptures at a respectfully prepared ceremony space.

We are a multi-racial Canadian couple in our 60’s who travel the world sharing our Sikh Priest, Sikh Wedding Officiant services with LOVE. We both have a clear understanding of the dynamics at typical Sikh Destination Wedding celebrations. Traditional, Cultural, Multi-Racial, and Fusion Sikh Weddings all have similar issues, dynamics, and problems that arise. In the past, we had the privilege of singing Kirtan at many Gurdwaras around the globe, however, now we ONLY share our Sikh Priest Wedding services exclusively at destination weddings outside Gurdwaras.

As your Sikh Priest Destination Wedding specialist, our purpose is to share and create special, meaningful, cultural unions at destinations where everyone is welcome and included. Being caring ambassadors of humanity, we like to use nature as our inner fulcrum for keeping a fresh and healthy perspective towards life.

You can experience and enjoy our Devotional Gurbani Kirtan and Simran recordings on our Sikh Officiant iTunes Page.

It’s Easy as 1,2,3


How It Works

Request a Quote - Agree on Terms - Plan your Ceremony

As your Sikh Wedding Priest, we have created a simple and concise planning and booking process for your Sikh Wedding. We collaborate with esteemed Sikh wedding planners, working out the finer details required to make your Anand Karaj impeccable.

1. Request a Quote

When you completely fill out the online form on our Sikh Priest Quote  page you will receive a free quote.  Our booking manager will respond punctually with our availability, rates, and a quote based on your ceremony location.  Our travel fees and travel time is included in the quote.

2. Agree on Terms

Upon receiving the quote, if you wish to book our Sikh Priest, Sikh Wedding Officiant services you will need to respond with your package choice. You will receive info as to how and where to place a deposit, and agreement terms for you to sign which will confirm your booking.

3. Plan your Ceremony

After the booking is finalized you will receive document files and Sikh Wedding ceremony program files that will assist you, your planner, decor company, and hosting venue in setting  up your Sikh Wedding with respect and dignity.  This will serve as a template and your Sikh Wedding Ceremony Guide,  You will also have video call(s) with us, your Sikh Priest Destination Wedding officiants, months before your special day so we can become acquainted with each other and to discuss the finer details of your upcoming ceremony.

Sikh Wedding Priest

What Is Offered

Sikh Priest Destination Wedding

Sikh Priest Wedding Support

Find out how we provide personalized, pre-wedding Indian Priest for Wedding guidance and support. As your Sikh Wedding Priest, we take great care in providing the utmost attention to detail, from the initial stages of the booking until the execution of your ceremony, nothing less.

Sikh Wedding Officiant

Onsite Rehearsal | Oversee Ceremony Space Setup

We offer a rehearsal a day before the ceremony, working alongside the wedding couple and wedding planner to run through the ceremony and logistics. On the ceremony day, as your Sikh Punjabi Wedding Priest, we oversee the ceremony space set up for a flawless respectful transformation of the space ensuring a serene, sacred Gurudwara-type ambiance for your ceremony.

Sikh Priest

Personalized Ceremony

See how our Punjabi Sikh Wedding Priest presentation is profoundly personalized, meaningful, and spiritual, containing all elements of the Anand Karaj tradition. Our Punjabi Priest presentation will be in a bilingual format, in both Punjabi and Gurmukhi with discussion and discourse presentation made primarily in practical understandable English.


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Kimberly Person
Kimberly Person
I had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Freedom and Leela as I photographed our mutual clients' wedding ceremony. There are so many reasons I was impressed. 1. Dr. Freedom and Leela were instantly open to working with all of the vendors that day as a team. As a photographer, I know that every officiant has their own way that they like to run their ceremonies. I am always conservative in my approach - getting the best images while not becoming a distraction. Dr. Freedom took the time in advance of the ceremony to confirm with me that we were on the same page for areas to go and not to go during the ceremony. 2. They made the ceremony accessible to a diverse crowd. Not every guest is as familiar with all traditions as the couple, their family, and the vendors that see many weddings. Dr. Freedom and Leela seamlessly explained all parts of the Sikh ceremony to the crowd in an enormously compassionate and heartfelt way. The explanations never took away from the ceremony or pulled focus but instead increased the understanding and celebration of the entire room. 3. The ceremony was simply beautiful. Dr. Freedom and Leela were true professionals. They brought experience to the conducting of the ceremony without the feeling of it being routine. As a photographer, the anecdotes and masterful balance of heartfelt, serious moments with levity helped to create dynamic images the couple will be able to look back on and remember the feelings of the day. Leela's voice was completely transcendent! It was a joy to work alongside them and I can't wait for the next opportunity! Kimberly of Into Dust Photography @intodustphotography
Apsara Events
Apsara Events
We had such a pleasure meeting and working with Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela for our couple's intercultural and interfaith wedding ceremony. The professionalism and communication the months leading up to the wedding far exceeded our expectations. Dr. Singh and Leela made the guests feel so welcomed and comfortable that guests were still raving about how much they enjoyed the ceremony well after the event. Apsara Event will definitely be recommending the Sikh Preist and Team to our couples. It was truly a joy!
Jagdeep Sandhu
Jagdeep Sandhu
It was an amazing experience, Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela did a fabulous job.
Ruchi Rana
Ruchi Rana
The wedding ceremony was the most beautiful ever. The guests at my Chinese - Indian wedding truly enjoyed our wedding. Not only because the wedding ceremony and was officiated in the best diction, but also the meaning of each laav was described in English, making it easier for the entire room to understand the meaning as we took our 4 laavs around the Guru Granth Sahib. Our guests came up and said that this was the most beautiful Anand Karaj they had attended. The Indian guests were touched by the explanation and said that this was the first time they had understood the meaning of the Laavs. The Sikh priest were highly organized, and professional, and took the time to know us to dedicate the ceremony to us. I would highly recommend anyone looking to getting an Anand Karaj wedding to use the services of the Sikh Priest. Dr. Freedom Singh and LeelaJi were the best officiators we could find for our Anand Karaj. My husband and I are truly grateful they could officiate our wedding ceremony.
Joseph Cushing
Joseph Cushing
It was a beautiful wedding experience! Thank you!
Amy Jones Sehgal
Amy Jones Sehgal
We are so glad that Dr. Freedom and Leela were part of our Wedding Day! They allowed for our vision of having a unifying and harmonious Sikh and Christian destination wedding with close family and friends to become a reality. They are professionals and have well established and proven systems to help your day go as smoothly as possible. Leading up to the wedding, Mandeep was so very helpful in getting us prepared and making sure that every single detail was in place. Dr. Freedom and Leela met with us over Skype several weeks in advance to help us prepare for our wedding and life together. They can be counted on to support and facilitate families and guests of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. During the rehearsal, they helped guide and reassure everyone involved, putting us at peace for the actual ceremony. On the day of, they helped handle obstacles that came up regarding decorations, and made sure guests, family members, and the bride and groom were where they needed to be on time. The ceremony itself was very beautiful, and we very much appreciated their explanations of traditions, and their ability to create a harmonious and unifying experience for all involved. The day after, Dr. Freedom and Leela made sure to connect with us as a couple and provided us with wisdom and blessings as we start off our lives as a married couple.
Manni D.
Manni D.
Dear Freedom and Leela, Thank you first of all, for coming into our lives and blessing us with your awesomeness. You carried out the wedding ceremony of our dreams. You captured every single persons mind and focus, and for a whole 60 minutes, it felt like the whole world was revolving around Villa Lecchi. You guys ooze serenity, class and love, and your teachings are still spoken about by our family and friends to this day. We hope that the whole world will one day succumb to your way of thinking, and everyone can be equal no matter faith, colour or background. It really was a pleasure meeting you guys. We are so happy you stayed with us before and after the ceremony, you really became a part of the family and you were able to beautifully personalise our ceremony by referring to our family members by first name. We hope we cross paths again soon! To anybody out there reading this review. Please don't hesitate in choosing these guys for your wedding. It truly is a magical experience. Love, Manni & Eshana
Giacomo Ragazzo
Giacomo Ragazzo
One of the most true and sincere person I ever met so far. His teachings and philosophy are to be followed, not only during ceremonies, but also in real life! We had the pleasure of having him in our last Indian wedding and the ceremony was an UNIQUE mix of emotions and feelings.
Cancun Sikh Wedding Planner